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About ThermoSurvey

ThermoSurvey is a specialist thermal imaging consultancy using the most qualified thermographers.

About us : Founded in 2008, ThermoSurvey is an independent consultancy providing a variety of bespoke expert analyses across a number of disciplines. We work closely with theses discipline experts, which when skill sets are combined, provide comprehensive analyses to clients. Furthermore by being independent, clients find ThermoSurvey a useful in providing objectivity and this extends to arbitration.

Stonehenge after dark - find out more about Thermal Imaging

Stonehenge after dark

Anthony Walker is the Managing Director  and currently holds the internationally recognised ITC level III Thermography Certificate. His interest in thermography started in the Army in the 1990s and has now been able to put his multidisciplinary thermal imaging skills together to to provide guidance to the consultancy. Academically he is supported by an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Building and Energy Studies specialising in thermal imaging in buildings as well as an MBA at Warwick University.

His first degree in Marine Biology supports his interest in thermography in the life sciences.

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