Thermal Survey Case Studies

A cold beam above windows in a house is visible with thermal imaging.

The case of the cold council – cold conduction through building beams

Our Aim: The aim was to identify the areas of cooling in the offices . It was suspected that the problem was the windows.

How heat is lost from a naked body.

Damart Thermal Underwear

Our Aim: The aim was to show how effective a Damart thermal base layer could be in helping people keep warm during colder temperatures.

A house is loosing a great amount of heat before the external walls are insulated.

The effectiveness of External Wall Insulation on Magna Housing properties

Our Aim: A survey of 'before and after' images of the wall insulation cladding project was conduct to see how much heat saving was made.

A thermograph clearing indicates a leak in a block of flats.

Water Leak Detection in a block of flats and retail outlets

Our Aim: To find a leak in the central heating system in a block of flats with retail units. This leak was somewhere under a foot of concrete.

A thermal image shows the damaged area in a horse's shoulder.

Thermal Survey of a Horse

Our Aim: To show the client visually, an area of assumed poor circulation from damage caused by the saddle in the previous season.

Two deers in the distance are visible with the help of thermal imaging.

Thermal Image Video of Deer in the Dark

Our Aim: Practising using the video tool for the camera in all environments

Thermal imaging, shows moisture in one of the windows and then tracked the water movement in a National Trust building.

A La Ronde House, National Trust

Our Aim: The 18th Century, six sided house has water ingress problems due to the quirky design of the building. ThermoSurvey were asked to find the sources of

External view of an insulated house. Infrared shows little heat loss.

Christchurch Hospital for Kier Construction

Our Aim: To thermally survey the hospital to identify thermal issues in the remaining hospital buildings. This will reduce financial risk to the project.

Thermographic imaging reveals damp in the corner of a room.

Frome Valley First School

Our Aim: Damp entering the Main School Hall with no visible reason or entry point, Thermosurvey were asked to find the source of the damp with thermal imaging.

The difference between wall cavity insulation is visible with thermographic imaging.

South Somerset District Council

Our Aim: To thermally survey a number of residential properties in the District in order to understand the energy efficiency of the dwellings.


Dauntsey’s School

Our Aim: To identify the most cost efficient method of reducing the energy bill in the School's boarding houses


The Osmond Group

Our Aim: The Osmond Group asked Thermosurvey to identify heat loss. Their warehouse energy bills exceeded expected levels.