Aerial Surveys for Building and Estates

Rooftop Surveys

Many roofs are extremely difficult to survey due to their inaccessibility. Not only is it dangerous to work at height but also in order to mitigate against this danger, expensive equipment such as cranes and cherry pickers are normally required.

damp identified in a flat roof

ThermoSurvey can provide a detailed thermal and visual survey of roofs and other hard to get at installations in order to identify problems structural defects and water/damp ingress.

Other Surveys

ThermoSurvey offers a range of UAV surveying. We are able to conduct 2-D or 3-D mapping as well as photo photogrammetry and photomosaic imaging. Subjects include conventionlfarms and estates, wind farms and chimney structural surveys, district heating surveys, large-scale council surveys and wildlife surveys.

Gas mains found in a surveyed field

Many farms and estates benefit from drone surveys conducting plant count, plant disease and soil surveys as well as a number of other specialist surveys that we can do.

Mast Surveys

If the situation warrants it, then Thermosurvey are able to use masts up to 18m. These are either used in conjunction with a four-wheel-drive vehicle or man portable.