Aerial Surveys

ThermoSurvey is able to provide thermal imaging surveys either using elevated surveying techniques from masts (18m) or using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/ drones.

In our experience,  aerial surveying can support our ground based surveys by providing additional information from a different aspect. Additionally large areas can be covered in a relatively short period of time with lower costs compared to that of traditional surveys involving aircraft.

ThermoSurvey uses specialist drone technology with state-of-the-art thermal and visual cameras. This allows us to have a flexible platform to provide in-depth surveys for a variety of different clients. We are able to fly from 0 to 400 feet (depending on conditions) in order to get the best imaging possible.

ThermoSurvey has its own commercially CAA qualified pilots rather than having to subcontract. In addition all thermal imaging camera operators are certified thermographers which is vital to ensure clear relevant imagery.


Solar Photovoltaic Farms

The increase in solar farms within the UK and Europe has been extremely rapid due to the financial benefits supplied by the UK government and European equivalents. As of May 2017 the total capacity of the UK was over 12,000 MW of solar power which effectively places the UK in sixth place internationally in terms of total installed photovoltaic capacity. Therefore an efficient method of surveying the installation was essential in order to reduce the waste of man hours trying to identify problem PV panels. Thermal imaging drones allow a relatively low cost real-time data gathering survey to be provided to the operations and maintenance (O & M) teams in order for them to provide the owners with information to maximise power yield.

ThermoSurvey’s thermal UAVs are able to identify hotspots such as defective diodes, problematic strings and inverter issues as well as a number of other yield reducing problems.

The survey can be either conducted manually or automatically (using pre-programmed GPS way-points) flying at the most optimally efficient heights. This allows the solar farms to be surveyed quickly and efficiently.

Additionally we offer ground based thermal imaging surveys for PV farms; providing an extra layer of depth to the identification and analysis of the individual panels.

The benefits of being closer to the array? Physically inspect the anomaly ensuring the problem is consistent with the thermal signature;  able to mark the panel so engineers can quickly locate and rectify the issue.