ThermoSurvey are delighted to have won an award at the prestigious International Conference on Renewable Energy (ICREN) 2019 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Working with a team at the University of Southampton researching photovoltaics, we collaborated to create our paper:
“Automatic fault detection in infrared thermographic images in photovoltaic arrays using deep convolutional neural networks.”
The Conference is an international forum that attracts the best articles and experts from all over the world in order to promote excellence.
The work is driven by Alois Klink who is a PhD student at the university. This project uses the learning ability of Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify […]

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Why use a drone for thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool in many sectors, particularly when identifying issues on roofs and hard to access places. However, surveys at height have traditionally proven problematic due to expense and physical inaccessibility. Surveys at height help identify heat loss in buildings, damp and structural issues. What has been an expensive and often impossible task has been made easier by the use of drones to conduct surveys at height.
Currently drones seem to be the bees knees in […]

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