Damp Surveys

Damp Surveys

Damp is also a major issue within the building sector. ThermoSurvey can identify areas of damp as well as potential water ingress points. By using a thermal imaging camera as well as a humidity meter, the consultants can identify where the higher areas of moisture are, even if it may not be visible to the naked eye.

Underfloor leak

This will lead ThermoSurvey to find a source of water ingress.

A typical project time-frame for Damp Surveys are dependent on a number of key factors but can last as little as one day for a standard construction 3 bedroom residential property, to several days on larger commercial units and rural estates.

Case scenario:

The image on the right is a water leak within a heating system feeding 12 flats and 5 retail units that had stopped working 4 days before Christmas. ThermoSurvey found the source of the leak to a 1 foot accuracy, encased in deep concrete at the very base of this building allowing engineers to fix the leak and restore heat to the building.

Another case client feedback-:

“Hi Anthony we met shortly before Christmas when you kindly came out to provide your expertise on where my under floor central heating leak was likely to be.

I took the plunge last week and ripped up a small section of travertine kitchen floor around the area that you suggested and gratefully you were spot on, saving me lots of time, money and grief. I was dreading having to rip up the travertine and oak floors! Thanks again for your help.”