Heat Surveys

Heat Surveys

Building surveys most likely will include heat loss and damp identification as well as a survey of electrical and mechanical areas of the building if necessary.

The most well-known use for thermal imaging on buildings is the identification of heat loss. Once identified, the heat loss problem can be rectified which will lead to potentially considerable savings.

Wall insulation

ThermoSurvey can take pictures throughout the building and when analysed, areas of concern can be highlighted. These include (but not exclusive to):

  • roofing issues
  • lack of loft insulation
  • problems with windows and their frames
  • lack of wall insulation

Surveys of this nature can be extremely useful throughout the life-cycle of the building. Initially during the buying and selling of a property, potential issues dealing with the building envelope can be identified using with the potential to have a direct bearing on the price of the transaction.

During the building’s lifetime, ThermoSurvey can be used in bench-marking to ascertain whether there has been any change within the structure. This is extremely useful for maintenance teams, insurance cover and historic/cultural values.

Finally, towards the end of the buildings life, ThermoSurvey helps identify when the cost of maintenance outweighs the use of the building.